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Toru Takemitsu
Twill By Twilight Part 1
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Bill Doggett 
is a multifaceted  communications, marketing and sales professional with a history as a Performing Arts diversity inclusion strategic marketing and business development consultant.  

Doggett's specialization in The Performing Arts has resonance across industries with strong blended skill sets in sales, marketing  and new business development .

In The Performing Arts, he is a special projects Arts Administrator with a vision focused in marketing to increasingly diverse multi ethnic inter generational audiences and  related Institutional-Community Affairs development.  

As showcased below, he has a deep repertoire knowledge aided by  project and programming curating skill sets that are focused for niche markets and special presentations.  His specialization is 20th Century repertoire, New Music and the Music of Contemporary Composers of Color.  Doggett also lectures in these areas of specialziation. 

Since 2012, he has worked as a strategic marketing and brand consultant with  Contemporary composers of color and musicians.

Residing in the San Francisco Bay Area  1996-1999 and 2006-2016, he has also been a Arts diversity and community outreach advisor for Arts non profits.

Bill Doggett has also been recognized for leadership as a social entrepreneur utilizing the Arts as a vehicle for inter generational dialogue within and across diverse communities.     

His leadership has been recognized by the former Mayor of The City of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom,  California State Senator, Mark Leno and The City of Berkeley Mayor, Tom Bates. 

He is passionate about Performing Arts advocacy in enriching the lives of communities of color with the experience of The Performing Arts that mirrors their lives and reflects their communities in both concert halls and opera stages.      In this work, he employs his deep knowledge of musicology history contextualized within American history.    
1997 San Francisco Opera backstage with Soprano Marquita Lister and Conductor Donald Runnicles
Read what People are saying about Bill Doggett

Rory Pullens-"Bill,you are a brilliant man." Sr Executive Director Arts Education LAUSD/Emeritus CEO,The Duke Ellington School for The Arts,Washington DC

Anthony Davis- "Bill Doggett is a tireless champion for African American composers. His persistence and insight have opened doors for all of us and he continues to challenge the bias and prejudice so prevalent in today's America." {Composer of X, Amistad}

Adolphus Hailstork- re: Black Composers- Shout For Joy showcase " Hopefully Shout makes a contribution. But what you are doing sets the standard."

Gary Murphy-" Bill , you were wonderfully helpful on this specific pitch. We enjoyed collaborating with you on this project and we look forward to our next encounter." Director of Communications and Public Relations, LA Opera{2014}

John Holiday - "Dearest Bill, thank you so much for all of your hard, dilligent and thoughtful work surrounding my debut as the Sorceress in Dido and Aeneas at Los Angeles Opera. Also, your coverage of us, the three African American countertenors helped us to make an even larger statement. You are absolutely one of the best." Lead Countertenor, LA Times voted "Top Classical Moments 2014" LA Opera Dido and Aeneas,the 3 Countertenors

Janise White- "Bill,I am blessed to have assistants and consultants like you surround me."{Founder,The African American Chamber Music Society Orchestra}

Richard Thompson-"Bill Doggett is extremely knowledgeable about classical music and understands strategy and marketing like no one I've met before"{Composer}

Shawn Okpebholo- “One of the most rewarding aspects of being a composer is having noted artists in the field champion my music. Bill Doggett—a creative whose life’s work is committed to the preservation and promotion of music by American-American composers—does just that. He has creatively used some of my re-imaginations of Negro spirituals in his lectures, a film, and on his website, providing some extra exposure of my art.”{Composer}

Roy Jennings-Although my association with Bill Doggett is relatively recent, it has had productive and long range consequences.{Composer} 

Willie Ellebie-  Music Theory student of composer Adolphus Hailstork  re: Richard Thompson's Art Song "Dawn" performed by Leberta Loral
"Excellent music and beautiful voice. I need to find out more about the singer and composer.  Thanks for pointing me in the right direction to discover and enjoy the rich musical treasures of black classical composers.
Congratulations, you are doing a great work on the behalf of black classical musicians."

About the music showcased in the Music Player 

With the exception of Twill by Twilight by Toru Takemitsu, the showcase is by two gifted Composers, whom I represented between 2012-2015 and again during 2019, Richard Thompson and Anthony Davis.  
The final  two selections are masterful works by Alvin Singleton and James Newton.    

Singleton's  masterful  late 20th Century Overture evocative Tone Poem, After Fallen Crumbs  and  Newton's Mass evoking a jazz inspired blend of  Stravinsky's Mass and Poulenc's Gloria  are both  long time colleagues and friends of  Anthony Davis.

The second  track is the exquisite Art Song Cycle by Richard Thompson,  Songs of Solitude, a Cycle of 5 songs which is sampled below were commissioned and premiered by Soprano, Marquita Lister,
who is featured in the World Premiere performance, which we hear below.    

With resonance to Strauss' The Four Last Songs, for Our Times,
 I have long championed Richard Thompson's extraordinary gift in Art Songs as one on par with the Art Song repertoire of  iconic American composers of Art Song, Samuel Barber and Ned Rorem.
Soprano, Marquita Lister
Marquita Lister


About the letters and docunents below

They represent an historical document of my work and associations.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge and read.


Contact Bill Doggett  to assist your Diversity inclusion special events project management

 Special Events


Doggett is a dedicated and passionate supporter of New Music and blended genres that act as agents for inter generational dialogue.

You are listening to the exquisite Impressionist sound world of the great late 20th Century Japanese composer, Toru Takemitsu.
Takemitsu's  Twill by Twilight evokes the iconic and revolutionary Impressionist sound world  of 1894-99 showcased in Nuages from Trois Nocturnes and Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune by Claude Debussy.    
To purchase this  jewel of Contemporary Music: Visit

Marketing a World Premiere Recording in Pre Relaase

The Mask in The Mirror,
A New Chamber Opera
by Richard Thompson

Bill Doggett writes:

The Mask in The Mirror by Richard Thompson, a lyrical new Chamber Opera is available in pre Release pre Order on

Recorded by Navona Records, a division of Naxos Records, the official release date is February 8th, 2019.

Thompson's Chamber Opera, The Mask in The Mirror  is  about the world of  Paul Lawrence Dunbar, the leading African American poet at the Turn of The 20th Century and his courting of Alice Ruth Moore, an aspiring African American female author in a man's world of Literary publishing.
The recording is a glorious accomplishment with beautiful sonic engineering.

The role of  Paul Lawrence Dunbar is beautifully sung by Cameo Humes
The role of Alice Ruth Moore is lovingly sung by Angela L. Owens.

The Conductor is Stephen Tucker who conducts The Sanaa Opera Project.

The Mask in The Mirror beautifully captures the world of Turn of The Century Racial Uplift, its cultural aspiration to enter the world of Palm Court Society 1900-05 and the challenged journey of aspiring African American talents navigating recognition in this restricted world of Literature only 35 years removed from The Civil War and Slavery.    
To pre order from Amazon  

On YouTube

Strategic Marketing/Publicity
Marketing A World Premiere

The 2018 Bicentennial of Frederick Douglass 
June 3rd, 2018

Targeted strategic marketing, social media publicity and post publicity 
in Performing Arts, Singer and History niches with the support of
Kenneth Morris,  the Great Great Great Grandson of
Frederick Douglass

Kenneth Morris, The Great Great Grandson of Frederick Douglass

Visit and learn about The 2018 One Million Abolitionists Project
A Project of The Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives

From Facebook, Twitter,Linked In, Instagram.... 
"History arrives on Sunday.....with Frederick Douglass
Kenneth B Morris Jr , the Great Great Great Grandson of Frederick Douglass has graciously supported the World Premiere of The Frederick Douglass Narrative Cantata by Composer, Jeraldine Saunders Herbison with the numbered and signed Bicentennial edition of Frederick Douglass' Narrative.The limited edition is 1 of 711 signed and numbered copies. The 711 symbolizes the $711 paid for Frederick Douglass’ freedom This very special copy will be a Silent Auction opportunity to benefit the Orchestra. Join us! "

From Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram...June 3/4

Version 1:"Frederick Douglass: a legacy brought to resounding life in Music..."

Version 2: History undying.....A Legacy for Our Times....The Life of America's signature defender of Equity and Inclusion, Frederick Douglass

Featured below is 1 of 4 excerpts I documented with my smart pbone of the June 3rd, 2018 World Premiere of Jeraldine Herbison's Frederick Douglass Narrative/Symphonic Suite.  Featuring Bass Baritone, Dorceal Duckens, this resounding Tribute was performed by the Los Angeles based African American Chamber Music Society Orchestra&Chorus conducted by its founder, Janise White.

Marketing Ideas in recent Twitter  

#BlackHistoryMonth Celebrating African American Composer,@WilliamGrantStill. From Sunday's world premiere of @LAPhil commissioned new work, STILL HOLDING ON 
by @AdolphusHailstork on a theme by William Grant Still. A glorious work conducted byThomas Wilkins Photo by@derwilly55

#MLK2019 "Alle Menschen Werden Bruder " {Beethoven 9th Symphony}-Indeed we must coalesce and be our brother/sister's keeper. Embracing the Legacy of HOPE @ComposerProject@nezetseguin@BuzzFeedLGBT@gaileichenthal -Bill Doggett Marketing 

Lift US, Inspire US... Heal US    Never let Us forget, lest WE erase the Generations of blood, sweat and  sacrifice gone before US 

#History alive in Our Times
Russell Thomas is spectacular in the challenging verismo singing required in the title role of Emperor Titus in Mozart's rarely performed opera, La Clemenza di Tito in LA Opera's production ending Sunday. There are additional verismo singing standouts notably of  Elizabeth DeShong as #Sesto. De Shong and Thomas are hands down #brilliant .
Kudos to. LA Opera Marketing Department on creating the provocative cinematic poster.
Sunday 3/24 is the final performance

Publicity writer and Marketing Strategist consultant
Fall 2014 LA Opera
Dido and Aeneas: Introducing The 3 Countertenors  
*Consultant Ghost writer and publicist hired by LA Opera
 to place and market pitch the historic premiere of 3 African American Countertenors in the innovative production of Komische Oper Berlin Director Barrie Kosky's production of Purcell's Dido and Aeneas 10/25-11/15 2014

Historic 3 Countertenors:Thomas Allen,John Holiday,Darryl Taylor,Photo:Bill DoggettLead Countertenor,John Holiday and Director, Barrie Kosky Photo:Bill Doggett

The 3 Countertenors with  Paula Murrihy,who sings the lead role of Dido in Dido and Aeneas. Photo by Bill Doggett


Bill Doggett writes:
Dateline: Los Angeles Dorothy Chandler Pavilion/Music Center
For the first time on a leading opera stage anywhere in the world, three African American men who are Countertenors performed together in their LA Opera Debuts in Barrie Kosky's innovative production of Henry Purcell's Dido and Aeneas.
Cast creatively as the iconic witches, John Holiday was featured The Sorcereress with her "court": comprised of Darryl Taylor and Thomas Allen.
Beautiful, brightly sung by all, this historic casting also featured creative and well done comedic acting.    A must see.        Performances continue through November 15th.
Visit  LA Opera website for tickets

Bartok's Bluebeard's Castle:Barrie Kosky LA Opera:Photo credit:LA Times 10/27Purcell's Dido and Aeneas:Barrie Kosky production LA Opera:Photo Credit:LA Times 10/27


Social Media Publicity

Bill Doggett shared his photo.6 hrs · Facebook,Twitter,Linked In Social Media Strategy Pitch 11/11/2014

Black men SHINE at LA Opera- Final chances to see The 3 Countertenors-John Holiday,Darryl Taylor,G Thomas Allen in Dido& Aeneas 11/12&11/15+ NEW:renown baritone Gordon Hawkins stars 11/22 through December in Spanish opera, Florencia en el Amazonas    EXPERIENCE The Excitement   Visit:

Testimonial: Bill, You were wonderfully helpful on this specific pitch.  We enjoyed collaborating with you on this project and we look forward to our next encounter.   Gary W. Murphy, Director of Communications and Public Relations, LA Opera

 Testimonial:  Dearest Bill
Thank you so much for all of your hard, diligent and thoughtful work surrounding my debut as the Sorceress in Dido and Aeneas at Los Angeles Opera.  Also, your coverage of us, the three African American countertenors, helped us to make an even larger statement.  You are absolutely one of the best.  Thanks, again!     John Holiday, Countertenor

Testimonial: I very much appreciate the time and attention you gave to highlighting the Three Countertenors of LA Opera's Dido and Aeneas. The market saturation not only brought needed attention to the historic event, but provided invigorating media attention to a wonderful production. Well done! And thanks!!     Darryl Taylor, Countertenor

Year in Review Mark Swed's Best Classical moments of 2014- LA Opera Dido&Aeneas: The 3 Countertenors *Bravi tutti  Photos@LATimes

Marketing A World Premiere
Anthony Davis'
Lear On The Second Floor
University of California, San Diego
March 2013

Scenes from the 2013 World Premiere of  Lear on The 2nd Floor,  
a new Chamber Opera featuring Susan Naruki which I marketed across the country as Marketing Agent for Anthony Davis .

 Lear on The Second Floor is an innovative re imagining of Shakespeare's King Lear with Lear as a woman, a neuroscientist who is diagnosed with progressive Alzheimers.  Production stills courtesy of Anthony Davis.  Curtain call photo by Bill Doggett

ARTS Fundraising and Advocacy
Yerba Buena Center for The Arts, San Francisco Symphony

During The Fall Season of 2009,  I stepped out into a part time employee relationship with two of San Francisco's leading Performing Arts organizations.

  • Yerba Buena Center for The Arts: Under the legendary leadership of Ken Foster , I assisted YBCA in memberships and new Season subscriptions campaigns that resulted in what they viewed as one of their best membership renewal and new subscriptions campaigns in recent years.
  • San Francisco Symphony: Concert Subscription Sales, I was one of the top producers securing new Concert and Recital Series subscriptions of over $2,500 in a 3 month evening telemarketing campaign

The world of The contemporary African American Composer

Shawn Okpebholo
Roy Jennings:Dynamic New Arranged Negro Spirituals&Art Songs
Anthony Davis:Composer of operas X,Amistad,Tania,Piano,Violin Concerti

Trevor Weston

Renee BakerAdolphus HailstorkJeffrey Mumford


Beginning in 2012 to the present day, I have been engaged in strategic marketing and branding consultancy with California based Black composers, Anthony Davis and Richard Thompson and New Generation Black Composers profiled on The Black Composers Resource  

Breaking News=>

Adolophus Hailstork has been commissioned by The Los Angeles Philharmonic to compose a new work for orchestra based on a theme of William Grant Still.  The work will world premiere on February 17th, 2019 in the program below conducted by Thomas Wilkins

  • ELLINGTON: Three Black Kings
  • GERSHWIN: Second Rhapsody
  • Intermission
  • Adolphus HAILSTORK: new work for orchestra (world premiere, LA Phil commission) * Still Holding On*
  • STILL: Symphony No. 4, "Autochthonous"

Photo@ Bill Doggett 2019  Conductor Thomas Wilkins greets Composer, Adolphus Hailstork at conclusion of World Premiere of STILL HOLDING ON , a Los Angeles Philharmonic commission for its 2019 Centennial Season on Sunday, February 17th, 2019

THE CENTRAL PARK FIVE, a new opera by Anthony Davis
The Africlassical Review of the June 15th, 2019 World Premiere

The Central Park Five- A World Premiere
Long Beach Opera June 2019

 Anthony Davis' Darkest Light in The Heart
(Based on the Charleston 9 Church Shooting)
will have its world premiere 
at the 2020 Spoleto Festival

Listen to highlights of Davis' iconic first opera: X, The Life and Times
of Malcolm X 

 => March 4th 2014, client composer, Richard Thompson was featured: In Studio interview with Evening host, Jim Svejda on classical music radio station, KUSC-FM. 

KUSC is the premiere classical music radio station on the West Coast.   Richard Thompson's In Studio interview follows in the august footsteps of  two earlier interviews with Contemporary Black Composers, George Walker and Adolphus Hailstork


Premiere of Chamber Opera, The Mask in The Mirror August 2012,Trilogy OperaComposer,Richard Thompson In Studio Interview at KUSC-FM with renown Evening Host, Jim Svejda

Richard Thompson with renown Classical Music Radio host Jim Svejda, KUSC-FM, Los Angeles 2/17/2014: Photo by Bill Doggett  
August 2012 Premiere:The Mask in The Mirror by Richard Thompson at Trilogy Opera New Jersey: Composer curtain call   Photo courtesy of Albert Cunningham

Standing Ovation:Premiere March 2013,Anthony Davis chamber opera, Lear On The Second FloorTalk Back with Composer, Anthony Davis and librettist, Allan Havis

March 2013 Premiere of Anthony Davis chamber opera, Lear on The 2nd Floor, University of California San Diego:Photos by Bill Doggett

March 26, 2015 KUSC-FM: A Conversation with The Author of Roland Hayes: Legacy of An American Tenor: An In Studio Interview parlayed by Bill Doggett Productions    Streaming live at 10:00pm California time
Placed Client Authors of new 2014 Roland Hayes biography for Classical KUSC  Evening Interview with Jim Svejda
The Journal of  The San Francisco Museum and Historical Society Volume 26, No.1, August 2015

 Emancipation Proclamation,
 San Francisco and African American Concert Singers,
In Paradisum 1880-2000 
  by Bill Doggett  Archivist/ Music Historian

Doggett has contributed to and has been quoted in important Arts feature articles including October 5th 2013 American Al Jazeera article about The Closing of  New York City Opera, an opera company engaged in social entrepreneurship that provided critical agency for African American singers and composers 

Exhibition- Guest Curator  San Francisco Opera 

The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess,
From Broadway to San Francisco

San Francisco Opera House, Grand Foyer
May-July 2009

Under the leadership of  The Museum of Performance and Design and SanFrancisco Opera with special loans from The Ira and Leonore Gershwin Trust, the exhibition in the Grand Foyer of San Francisco Opera House was one of the most well received exhibitions in recent memory at San Francisco Opera.
 As the first African American Guest Curator for San Francisco Opera, the exhibition broke ground in inaugurating ipod looping technology for a listener booth and a film viewing station.  The listening station showcased continuous looping of Gershwin's rarely heard private rehearsal recordings of Porgy from the 1935 Boston production.   
View The Virtual Tour 

About Bill Doggett
Musically, Doggett is a product of The University of Southern California School of Music, as a private student ages 5-18 in both The Preparatory Division [piano-student of William Neal Roberts] and later as a cellist [ private student of Eleanor Schoenfeld]  at Clark House.  He matured to the role of principal cellist during both his Freshman and Sophomore years at Georgetown University.
In 1994, he was invited to  be one of the founding Board of Directors of Los Angeles Opera’s African Americans for LA Opera, a division of The Opera League formed in 1994 in the wake of the 1992 riots sparked by the Rodney King beating.
Serving on the board from 1994-99, he specialized in audience development, assisting in outreach, special events marketing, event photography and diversity reports in main stage casting and audiences.   He brought to the board a deep knowledge of the history of African American singers, opera history and classical art song repertoire. 
A business photographer for Pacific Bell/SBC[AT&T West] California state wide working for its President and CEO, Chuck Smith, 1987-2003, Doggett’s  frequent attendance at San Francisco Opera under Lotfi Mansouri and American Conservatory Theater  provided rich insights for helping to create a template for greater diversity in audience development at Los Angeles Opera.   
Doggett’s artists and public relations background further positioned him to be viewed frequently as a singer's agent or publicist. Such was the memorable immediate recognition by Florence Quivar, the renown Met Opera Mezzo Soprano, during a backstage visit after her Los Angeles Philharmonic performance of Gustav Mahler’sSongs of A Wayfarer. 
Doggett further represented African Americans for LA Opera[AALAO} in artists relations with Gwendolyn Bradley, Willard White, Simon Estes and Eric Owens to specific post recital back stage public relations outreach on behalf of the Board with Leontyne Price, Kathleen Battle, Barbara Hendricks, Willard White and Eric Owens in Southern and Northern California concerts.   

LA Opera 1st General Director,the late Peter Hemmings re: LA Opera 1986-1996Promotion for Gwendolyn Bradley's performance in Mozart's The Abuduction From The SeraglioPremiere of African Americans for LA Opera in July 1995 News with Bill Doggett, Board member photo including Marquita LISTER as Bess from Porgy&Bess with Peter Hemmings, LA Opera GM, AALAO Founders, Eva Grant, Gwen Wyatt and VIP supporter, Alice Coloumbe
Personal letter from Soprano,Marquita Lister:1995 LA Opera BESS and 1997 SF Opera AIDA

Artists Relations and Public RelationsSupporting Marquita Lister's San Francisco Opera debut as AIDA, Spring 1997.   

Photo in Marquita Lister's dressing room with San Francisco Opera Conductor, Donald Runnicles

I organized and coordinated a weekend trip to San Francisco Opera for LA Opera's African Americans Board to support Ms. Lister's debut at San Francisco Opera as AIDA.  

 In tribute to the company's legendary "Black Aida" Leontyne Price, San Francisco Opera General Manager, Lotfi Mansouri cast this Spring 1997 production of AIDA with two Black Aidas- Marquita Lister and Michelle Crider.    The casting of two Black Aidas in AIDA was both symbolic and historic in 1997 and remains so in 2018. 

Coordinating with San Francisco Opera contacts, I put together A Tribute Luncheon to celebrate  Ms. Lister's debut followed the next day at the upscale opera house vicinity restaurant Stars' Cafe on Van Ness Avenue. 
 Special Events planning and project management began here with expertise further developed in San Francisco 2006-13.

June 1995 Cast Party for Opening Night performance of  60th 
anniversary production of The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess.   With newly named LA Opera General Manager, Placido Domingo.
I was the youngest Board of Director on AALAO and in The LA Opera League

Personal letter from Soprano, Gwendolyn Bradley sent at Christmas from Switzerland

At Seattle Opera, during their 1995 Wagner Ring Cycle with a Los Angeles Opera Board group visit sponsored by the late Dr. Sherwin Sloan, he met Seattle Opera General Director, Speight Jenkins and and opera staff,who shared knowledge of their stewardship in casting of African American singers i.e. Vinson Cole  and Gordon Hawkins and their shared vision of diversity in opportunity and casting e.g the voice vs skin color.    
At San Francisco Opera 1996-2000, he was associated with Adler Fellows, Soprano Allison Buchanan, Bass Chester Patton and Tenor Norman Shankle with a warm professional rapport with San Francisco Opera Managing Director, Michael Savage and the late Lotfi Mansouri, General Manager.  


........The nephew and namesake of 1950s pioneering  Jazz organist, Bill Doggett,
Arts packaging and promotion is a natural instict for the younger Bill Doggett with its roots sourced from a 1985 pitched V.S.O.P project for a 1950s R&B reunion that was to pair his uncle Bill Doggett, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry and Fats Domino in 1987-88.

 This V.S.O.P event was pitched as a 30th Anniversary Celebration of Black Rock N Roll for The Greek Theater, Los Angeles to be hosted by Oldies radio station, KEARTH. 

Recalling the glory years of the emergence of a Black Rock n Roll  1956-58: the years of Honky Tonk, Kansas City, Roll Over Beethoven, Tutti Frutti and Blueberry Hill  logistical and other conflicts intervened....yet the art of event strategy had begun....for the younger Bill Doggett 

Fast forward to 2011 Oakland,  the younger Doggett  re emerged  with a marketing savvy  focused for new and emerging talent and special projects using music, culture and history. 

Beginning in 2010, Doggett assisted in early experiences as a promoter of jazz/blues and neo soul artists beginning with rep/promoting  an extraordinary Country Blues singer named Ansar at the 2010  Fillmore Jazz Festival, Marcus Bookstore stage, Fall 2011-Spring 2012,Yoshi's San Francisco Local Artist Series placing Blues and Soul singer, Terrie Odabi  and  Jazz/ Blues Fusion Ensemble, Groovality and Neo Soul singer, Simon Russell . 
Doggett  additionally pitched  a cross section of excellent Bay Area talent including Portuguese Fado singer, Ramana Viera Fall 2010 and French New York City based jazz pianist, Tony Tixier in 2015

Doggett was new audience development consultant with Magic Theatre, San Francisco for The West Coast premiere of the cutting edge theatre work, The Brothers Size by Tarrell Mc Craney.   second in the Trilogy of The Brothers/Sisters Plays, Doggett created a team that collaborated with Laney College Theater Department, The Oakland Dinner Club and The African American Center at the Main San Francisco Library.  

Doggett assisted in creating niched events and Talk backs reaching a larger African American demographic than would have been possible without his consultant work.    
A highlight of his work was assisting the no ticket, standing room only performance of the play at Laney College Theater, Oakland.

For two years, 2012 and 2013, Doggett booked musician talent for The City of San Francisco Mayor's annual Black History Month Kick Off event at City Hall.  The event is co-sponsored by The San Francisco African American Cultural and Historical Society.

For February 2012 event, he booked the African roots, Awon Ohun Amira Choir and Drummers, recipient of The California Alliance for Traditional Arts award 

For February 2013, he booked, Grammy nominated Gospel and Neo Soul singer, Emma Jean Foster Fiege.

For two Summers, June 2011- September 2012, Doggett served as Community Outreach and Bay Area Elected Officials Liaison 
interfacing with SF Bay Area legislative elected officials for the 18th and 19th annual San Francisco Summer Arts Festival, 
AfroSolo Arts Festival.  

The AfroSolo Arts Festival created by Thomas Simpson, founder of AfroSolo Theatre Company is one of the longest running cultural arts festivals in The San Francisco Bay Area.

For The Jacqueline Hairston Spirituals Ensemble Carnegie Hall February 2012 event, Doggett created and project managed the ensemble's Kickstarter campaign achieving 200% of the targeted fundraising goal.    

Click on the Kickstarter link to view the success of the campaign I managed

 Event Producer and Author

Doggett as Historian and Arts advocate Public Radio Interviews 

Comcast Newsmakers Interview Promo for 2011 Exhibition:The Underground Railroad:Songs of Freedom and Hope
June 2013 Denver Public Radio for The Spirituals Project Conference, University of Denver  Topic: Negro Spirituals, African Spirit Worship meet Christianity    Listen on Sound Cloud

Fall 2012: Story Corps, National Day Of Listening: Topic:The Doggett Family Story:Spirituality,Spirituals and The Value of Arts Advocacy*Interview is in memoriam, to my parents, Frances Doggett and Rev. John N Doggett Jr

Cultural Legacy Events
 showcasing The Arts and Music 
as an inter generational and cross cultural bridge

 The March on Washington 50th Anniversary, Berkeley California, Pacific School of Religion,August 17th, 2013 

Doggett produced and underwrote a day long Symposium that used both iconic Negro Spirituals and inter active audience community singing of  The Civil Rights Movement Freedom Songs intermixed with intergenerational panels of SF Bay Area Inter Faith, Social Justice and Youth Leadership.  

Symposium topics included: The Theology of Freedom, From Seneca Falls, Selma to Stonewall: the impact of social protest legacies on social justice for Women,  Hispanic and Lgbt communities  in the SF Bay Area, Immigration,The Dream Act:A Civil Rights legacy,  Youth Leadership and The Dream 1963-2014, an inter generational panel of 1960s and 2013 youth leadership. 

Held at Berkeley's Pacific School of Religion with assistance from The City of Berkeley,The Symposium was dedicated in memory to  the late Rev. John N Doggett Jr,  Bill Doggett's father, a renown Civil Rights Movement leader in Los Angeles and St Louis and founding pastor of  Downs Memorial United Methodist Church 1947-49 on the border of Berkeley in North Oakland.   
Thanks to Riess Potterveld, Graduate School of Theology, City of Berkeley Councilmen, Kriss Worthington and Darryl Moore, Jeff Steinberg/Sojourn To The Past and US Bank for their invaluable assistance.

View the promotional video below created by Los Angeles filmographer, Andy Kimmel

SF Bay Area Community Social Activism 
 A Track Record of Project Management
  Inter generational
Social Entrepreneurial Events

During the years 2006-2013,  Bill  Doggett was viewed  in the San Francisco Bay Area as a community engaged Activist Social entrepreneur event planner, specializing in new audience development and community outreach in multiple demographics.  
His vision is to engage diversity within and across communities inter generationally based on shared values and cultural legacies. 
He is the recipient of Certificates of Recognition from former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and California Senator Mark Leno for outstanding community development projects with additional recognition as the recipient of a venture seed fund grant for a community empowering pilot project in San Francisco 2007-08.   
Between 2008-2010, Doggett served on The San Francisco Human Rights Commission in one of their important community advisory committees.
2006-2008: Black Men’s Health and Wellness Mixers: Magnet, Castro District, San Francisco: Co Founder  
The Magnet based Black Men's Health and Wellness Mixers were a showcase project developed in Summer/Fall 2006 which combined issues of social justice, health and wellness and social ministry work for Black men in San Francisco. 
Doggett organized and produced a community outreach and wellness event for African American gay men in San Francisco's Castro District. 

This project produced a monthly inter generational
community wide networking event and community forum that engaged an average of 50 men who had previously experienced alienation and displacement from issues of racial discrimination in The Castro.
The event goal was to reframe the conversation about the place of African American Gay men in the Castro after the contentious 2004-05 Badlands Bar events and the closure of The Pendulum, the historic Black bar in the Castro district. 

The outcome of these events created a welcoming perception to become an event for all Men of Color including Hispanic, Asian Pacific Islander and Friends and supporters.
This important community empowering pilot project of Magnet Mens' Health and Community Center [now a division of The San Francisco Aids Foundation] created opportunities for participation, visibility and projects of community service.
The Black Men's Health and Wellness Mixers were  the recipient of two proclamation from San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom for outstanding community engagement, June 2007. The  first proclamation was given to Magnet, the hosting agency and the second was given to Bill Doggett for outstanding leadership.


2008: San Francisco Black Lgbt Business Professionals Network 
Doggett was awarded one of five Diversity Venture seed fund grants given by the social action non profit, And Castro For All. 
The Diversity Seed Fund grants were provided to empower entrepreneurs and community leaders to create value added projects in San Francisco's lgbt communities.  Doggett 's grant award was for the creation of a business and social networking monthly mixer with invited guest speakers for San Francisco Bay Area Black lgbt business professionals. 
The monthly events featured guest speakers from The San Francisco Small Business Administration, The Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, The Mayor's Office of Small Business Development and IBM.



2008-2010  Appointed to Advisory Committee of The City and County of San Francisco's Human Rights Commission

Appointed Spring 2008 to Advisory Committee City&County of San Francisco Human Rights Commission
 Proposition 8 Protest SF City Hall, Bill Doggett Photograph Proposition 8 Protest SF City Hall, Bill Doggett Photograph

October 2012- Heritage Keeper Award  Recipient at 9th Annual Friends of Negro Spirituals Heritage Day. Award for Exhibitions curation and education outreach


Berlin 1994:Deutsche Oper UBahn Station:Photo by host, Frank Loevenich

1994 Deutsche Oper:Tannhauser:Gotz Friedrich Production.  I was honored to meet the legendary Gotz Friedrich afterwards
Berlin, 1994-95   During my tenure as founding board member of  Los Angeles Opera's African Americans Opera League division, I traveled to Berlin Germany.  This photo was taken in March 1994 at the U Bahn stop for Deutsche Oper.  

 Attending their March 1994 Gotz Friedrich Inszenierung of Wagner's Tannhauser, I had the honor of meeting the legendary Gotz Friedrich  and his wife Karan Armstrong back stage.     

With the hospitality of  Franz Loevenich, a Berlin based LA Opera patron and friend ,  I also attended  Berlin Staatsoper's productions of Wagner's Tristan und Isolde and La Traviata at Dresden's SemperOper.    

My visit to Berlin was focused around Berlin Komische Oper'sperformance of  Berthold Goldschmidt's Nazi era suppressed masterpiece, Der Gewaltige Hahnrei, which had just been released by Decca/London as part of the critical Entartete Musik Series: Music by Composers suppressed by The Nazis. 

1995 Berlin:Staatsoper:DieWalkure:Harry Kupfer Production starring Falk Struckmann, Conductor, Daniel Barenboim
1995 Berlin Staatsoper after Harry Kupfer production of Die Walkure with host Frank Loevenich,Deutsche Bank and friends