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The Lecture Series and The Archive 


I offer engaging multi media lectures that are Conference and Workshop/Residency styled focused for creating inter generational and cross racial dialogue

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#BaltimoreFreddieGray, The Problem of
Black Maleness & Race in Early Recorded Sound
May 12, 2018 
was the Conference closing presentation for
The 52nd Conference of The Association For
Recorded Sound Collections, Baltimore, Maryland
 Phone video excerpts 

Fall 2017 Residency
November 14-15,2017
University of California, Davis

The 2017 Valente Lecture UC Davis, November 15, 2017
#Charlottesville: The Legacy of The Civil War on Race and Early Recorded Sound  Part 1         **Use Earpods to listen**

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Bill Doggett 2017 Valente Lecture:UC DAVIS:#Charlottesville,The Civil War,Early Recorded Sound
PART#1 On November 15, 2017, Early Sound Archivist and Historian Bill Doggett was the invited guest presenter of the annual Valente Lecture in the Music Department at University of California Davis. P...

Part 3, Conclusion & Q&A

#CharlottesvilleCurriculum 2018

I lecture on this contemporary important topic with multi media presentation focused on the 21st Century impact of The Civil War of 1861-1865 through the lense of historical Media and Journalism. All presentations showcase gems from my pre and post Civil War "News-eum" of rare historic newspapers and lithographs
2018 Performance Art Lecture: 
San Francisco Public Libraries Series

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2017 2/23 Part 1 SFPL Friends-Bill Doggett"Resistance&Triumph"Slave [email protected]
PART 1-The Friends of The San Francisco Public Library presented Early Sound Archivist and Historian, Bill Doggett in The Talk Series, 2/23/17 part of the city wide Black History Month events sponsore...

Feature Presentations for Booking

#Charlottesville, The Legacies of The Civil War on Race and Technology
#Resistance and Triumph: Slave Songs of The United States

#BlackVoicesMatter:Race, Image and Sound at the dawn of Recorded Sound and Film

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The Civil [email protected] Years: The Negro Spiritual and The Underground Railroad
A lecture and video with historian Bill Doggett
The African American Museum and Library at Oakland, Oakland,California.June 16 2012 

Doggett as historian and Arts advocate Public Radio Interview

June 2013 Denver Public Radio for The Spirituals Project Conference, University of Denver  Topic: Negro Spirituals, African Spirit Worship meet Christianity    Listen on Sound Cloud

Fall 2012: Story Corps, National Day Of Listening: Topic:The Doggett Family Story:Spirituality,Spirituals and The Value of Arts Advocacy*Interview is in memoriam, to my parents, Frances Doggett and Rev. John N Doggett Jr

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 The Bill Doggett Archives  

The Archive is distinguished  as an invaluable Academic and Lecture Resource of rare performing arts books,programs,ephemera,photographs, rare recital reviews and radio recordings of Black Concert Singers 1930s-60s.

Additionally featured is a large historic Sound Archive including many of the earliest recordings of Negro Spirituals, The Hall Johnson Negro Choir, Sermons and Singing:the first recordings of The Black Church: rare 78rpm Sermons with old school call and response from 1925-40 of Reverend Gates, Burnett, Nix  and early edition Anthologies of famous and under known spirituals by Harry T Burleigh, Nathaniel Dett and anthologies of James and John Rosamond Johnson. 

The World of  The Underground Railroad and The World of Minstrelsy: included are many important 1808-1865 original historic newspapers and a notable 1904-1914 Minstrelsy Archive including a large Bert Williams collection and The Broadway/Hollywood Talkie Movie Minstrelsy of Eddie Cantor, Al Jolson and Amos and Andy

Finally,The Concert Singers,Roland Hayes,Marian Anderson,Dorothy Maynor, Paul Robeson and many unknown singers of the 1920s-50s are represented in rare radio and commercial recordings, along with a wonderful collection of 1930s-50s Recital Reviews and 1940-1948 Recitals with attached reviews of Marian Anderson, Dorothy Maynor and Paul Robeson from their Los Angeles area recitals.

Important Note: My archive is a teaching and exhibition loan archive. The negotiation of limited use rights Contracts for loaned exhibition and or publication can be entertained.   Note, I retain all rights to the physical property of any item part of the Archive if limited publication rights are entertained.  
Note, images are watermarked for ownership protection. These images are solely provided to document limited aspects of The Archive for future exhibition reference. Written permission from Bill Doggett Productions must be obtained to reproduce.