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During the years 2006-2013,  Bill  Doggett was viewed  in the San Francisco Bay Area as a community engaged Activist and Social Entrepreneur, specializing in establishing  cutting edge new audience development and community outreach in multiple demographics.  
His vision was to engage diversity within and across communities inter generationally based on shared values and cultural legacies. 
He is the recipient of Certificates of Recognition from former San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and  former California Senator Mark Leno for outstanding community development projects 

Doggett was one of five recipients of the 2007-08 Venture Seed Fund Grant  for a community empowering pilot project in San Francisco.   
Between 2008-2010, Doggett served on The San Francisco Human Rights Commission in one of their important community advisory committees.
2006-2008: Black Men’s Health and Wellness Mixers: Magnet, Castro District, San Francisco: Co Founder  
The Magnet based Black Men's Health and Wellness Mixers were a showcase project developed in Summer/Fall 2006 which combined issues of social justice, health and wellness and social ministry work for Black men in San Francisco. 
Doggett organized and produced a community outreach, health and wellness event for African American gay and same gender loving men in San Francisco's Castro District. 

This project produced a monthly inter generational
Bay area wide forum for men who had previously experienced alienation and displacement from issues of racial discrimination in The Castro.
The event goal was to reframe the conversation about the place of African American gay and same gender loving men in the Castro after the contentious 2004-05 Badlands Bar events and the closure of The Pendulum, the historic Black bar in the Castro district. 

The outcome of these events reframed  the conversation about  ideas of  Diversity Inclusion, belonging and Community spaces  to become a well received and anticipated Bay Area  wide event for all Men of Color including Hispanic, Asian Pacific Islander and Friends and supporters.
This important community empowering pilot project of Magnet Mens' Health and Community Center [now a division of The San Francisco Aids Foundation] was the subject of a Sunday June 24th, 2007 San Francisco Chronicle feature seen below{click on the url}
The Black Men's Health and Wellness Mixers were  the recipient of two proclamations from San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom for outstanding community engagement, June 2007. The  first proclamation was given to Magnet, the hosting agency and the second was given to Bill Doggett for outstanding leadership.

Please view the two letters below from San Franicsco Mayor Gavin Newsom's Office and from The Deputy Executive Director of The San Francisco Aids Foundation--along with--The San Francisco Chronicle feature{ click on url link} *Click on the letters to enlarge/read

*Click on individual photos to view larger.  All photographs taken by project co founder and manager, Bill Doggett.  
The print media coverage below is a sample of a larger swath of print coverage in multiple media

From San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's Office: 2 Proclamations presented by Mayor's Community Liaison, Alex Randolph-one to the hosting agency, Magnet, the second to project manager, Bill Doggett

African Storytelling and Performance Art: creating events that are intergenerational and cross cultural with renowned Bay area storyteller and writer, FUNDI

These Bay Area wide popular monthly events were anchored with history displays from my  Newseum Archive as shown below in one of 4 panels

Creating Inter generational and cross racial events of Diversity Inclusion against a backdrop of  discriminatory exclusion and privilege in the Castro District of San Francisco 2006-2008

2008: San Francisco Black Lgbt Business Professionals Network

Doggett was awarded one of five Diversity Venture seed fund grants given by the social action non profit, And Castro For All.  

The Diversity Seed Fund grants were provided to empower entrepreneurs and community leaders to create value added projects in San Francisco's lgbt communities.  

Doggett 's grant award was for the creation of a business and social networking monthly mixer with invited guest speakers for San Francisco Bay Area Black lgbt business professionals.  The monthly events featured guest speakers from The San Francisco Small Business Administration, The Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, The Mayor's Office of Small Business Development and IBM.  

2008-2010~ Appointed to Advisory Committee of The City and County of San Francisco's Human Rights Commission. Served as the only African American male on this Committee through 2010.
Proposiktkon 8 Protest Rally Fall 2008  Photography by Bill Doggett

 Proposition 8 Protest SF City Hall, Bill Doggett Photograph
 Proposition 8 Protest SF City Hall, Bill Doggett Photograph

Proposition 8 Protest SF City Hall, Bill Doggett Photograph

The March on Washington 50th Anniversary, Berkeley California, Pacific School of Religion,August 17th, 2013 

With financial assistance from US Bank, Doggett produced and project managed a day long Symposium that used both iconic Negro Spirituals and inter active audience community singing of  The Civil Rights Movement Freedom Songs intermixed with inter generational panels of SF Bay Area Inter Faith, Social Justice and Youth Leadership.  

Symposium topics included: The Theology of Freedom, From Seneca Falls, Selma to Stonewall: the impact of social protest legacies on social justice for Women,  Hispanic and Lgbt communities  in the SF Bay Area, Immigration,The Dream Act:A Civil Rights legacy,  Youth Leadership and The Dream 1963-2014, an inter generational panel of 1960s and 2013 youth leadership. 

Held at Berkeley's Pacific School of Religion with assistance from The City of Berkeley,The Symposium was dedicated in memory to  the late Rev. John N Doggett Jr,  Bill Doggett's father, a renown Civil Rights Movement leader in Los Angeles and St Louis and founding pastor of  Downs Memorial United Methodist Church 1947-49 on the border of Berkeley in North Oakland.   
Thanks to Riess Potterveld, Graduate School of Theology, City of Berkeley Councilmen, Kriss Worthington and Darryl Moore, Jeff Steinberg/Sojourn To The Past and US Bank for their invaluable assistance.

View the promotional video below created by Los Angeles filmographer, Andy Kimmel

San Francisco City Hall Steps  August 2013.  Honoring Bayard Rustin, Organizer of The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom