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            Bill Doggett is multifaceted.....   

                           .......Some have called him a Renaissance man

                                       His core specializations are 
  • Communications, sales and marketing including digital marketing
  • Performing Arts marketing, community engagement and new audiences development with focus on equity, diversity inclusion 
  • Special events Project Management and Social Media fundraising 
  • Community Engagement focused on inter generational dialogue

Additionally, has a demonstrated history of leadership as an awarded Community health and wellness/ diversity inclusion project manager from a decade of work in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

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With a Cum Laude degree from UCLA and early college years at Georgetown University, he has since presented scholarly lectures in Conferences and universities across the country. 

Bill  Doggett is the nephew and namesake of  1950s' legendary Rock n Roll  jazz organist, Bill Doggett.

The younger Bill Doggett was born into a music family with deep roots to Philadelphia performing arts history with connections to Marian Anderson, Roland Hayes and Mastbaum Conservatory 1936-40.

Bill Doggett is also a passionate lecturer-teacher specialized in multi media lectures which connect and integrate themes in  American history, music,  historic media and pop culture to current events. 

Doggett uses this blended paradigm that contextualizes history, music, historic media and current events as an inter generational bridge to create dialogue and engage individuals within and across diverse communities.   This diversity includes communities of Color and those impacted by Incarceration. 

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The Bill Doggett Race and Early Sound Performing Arts&Politics


                                Contemporary Media and Race collide......
Are  there roots in 
historical media and popular culture?

Roseanne Reboot Archie Bunker iconic 1970s Sitcom dealing with controversies in Race Relations

#BaltimoreFreddieGray: The Problem of Black Maleness &Race in Early Recorded Sound May 12th, 2018 was the conference closing presentation of the 52nd annual Conference of The Association For Recorded Sound Collections, Baltimore.
Three important unedited phone video clips

Brand new Podcast 
 Bill Doggett as Special Guest
Black Think Tank Blogtalk Radio with Dr. William Rogers
August 29 2018 
Listen beginning at 15:40 of 2 hour program 

The Role of Early Sound Recordings 
and Technology @Dawn of 20th Century

Doggett was commissioned in 2015 by The Recorded Sound and Motion Picture division of The Library of Congress to produce a Pilot Series focused on Race, Music, Film and Message at the dawn of The 20th Century.   Doggett's Archive of  Early Sound recordings{1899-1935}, rare Performing Arts ephemera and background in Silent Film from UCLA formed the source material for this engaging Pilot Series.
Previously scheduled to launch  during Fall 2017 on The National Jukebox, the web portal for The Library of Congress' Recorded Sound and Motion Picture Division,, the project launch is on hold due to fears associated with the rise of the Alt Right and Supremacy movements.

Yet, the contextualized topic of race, historical media and popular culture is a hot topic of great interest as it relates to #AnthemProtest and #Charlottesville 

In 2018, Doggett created a performance art lecture showcasing 
Confederate General Robert E Lee come back to life in
the era of Black Lives Matter 
that addresses the legacies of The Civil War on Race and Technology in popular entertainment at the dawn of the 20th century.

This presentation opens at 4:30 with an 
original extended performance art 

View the UC Davis Valente Lecture
 performance art sample below that has been
expanded....  since this filming
*Listen with Earpods*

In the performance art showcases, January 24-February 24th 2018
 for San Francisco Public Library's
"More Than A Month Series", 
I created extended monologues of
General Robert E Lee, returned to life in The Age of
#Black Lives Matter talking about #Charlottesville
 and the response of a Black athlete talking
about #AnthemProtest

#Charlottesville, Race &The Civil War in 2019


We are stronger together in our Diversity..... 
Equity,Diversion and Inclusion matter

With great expertise in  Diversity in The Performing Arts strategic marketing, new business development  and community engagement, Bill Doggett has a long history of Artist-Composer-Community Relations. 

 He is also an award winning Exhibitions Curator-Archivist with a series of well received Exhibitions over the past 10 years in San Francisco.

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Ghost writer,strategist,marketing consultant for launch of LA Opera Fall 2014 premiere casting of 3 African American Countertenors in Purcell's Dido and Aeneas. *The 3 Countertenors of Dido &Aeneas were voted as one of 2014 Top Musical Moments by LA Times Music Critic, Mark Swed.

Marketing Rep for Composer, Richard Thompson. Secured coveted Interview Feature on leading West Coast Classical Music Station,KUSC-FM with renowned host, Jim Svejda Evening Program

A Bill Doggett conceived & produced Symposium of Interfaith Clergy,Youth Leaders,Civil Rights Mvt Veterans& Organizations at Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley,CA

San Francisco History Expo:2014-16 Featured Exhibitor in SF Historical Society annual event

San Francisco History Expo:2014-16 Featured Exhibitor in SF Historical Society annual event

2013 March on Washington@Pacific School of Religion: Stanford's Clayborne Carson Keynote Speaker

San Francisco History Expo:2014-16 Featured Exhibitor in SF Historical Society annual event

Youth Leadership Panel:2013 March on Washington Symposium,Pacific School of Religion,Berkeley,CA

Intergenerational Interfaith.Bay Area Political Activism Afternoon Panel:2013 March on Washington Symposium,Pacific School of Religion,Berkeley,CA

AfroSolo Arts Festival Founder, Thomas R Simpson at Jazz in The Gardens event.  I was Community Affairs-Legislative Liaison 2011&2012 for Afro Solo Arts Festival, San FranciscoPhoto:Thomas R Simpson,Afro Solo Arts Founder receives proclamation from San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee's Office. I was Community Affairs-Legislative Liaison 2011&2012  Afro Solo Arts Festival, San Francisco,Photo by Bill Doggett

Community Affairs Liaison for:Afro Solo Arts Festival 2012 September Gala kick off for Feb 2013 Carnegie Hall event with Jacqueline Hairston Chorale, San FranciscoCommunity Affairs Liaison for:Afro Solo Arts Festival 2012 September Gala for Feb 2013 Carnegie Hall event Jacqueline Hairston Chorale, San Francisco

Artist Relations/ youngest Founding Board Member 1994-99 of LA Opera African Americans Division in Photo Spring 1997 at San Francisco Opera AIDA with Soprano Marquita Lister in dressing room with Conductor Donald Runnicles.. As Board member, I coordinated AALAO SF Opera event and produced weekend visit Tribute Luncheon for Ms. Lister

June 1995 LA Opera: New LA Opera GM, Placido Domingo and I-youngest founding board member of new AALAO Division-Served on board 1994-99=>at Opening Night  Gershwin Porgy and Bess party

Marketing Rep for renowned Composer Anthony Davis-Photo: 2013 Premiere of chamber opera, Lear on The 2nd Floor
Anthony Davis, Chamber Opera:Lear on The 2nd Floor with Soprano,Susan Narucki:Photo, Courtesy of The Composer

Anthony Davis, Chamber Opera:Lear on The 2nd Floor with Soprano,Susan Narucki:Photo, Courtesy of The Composer
Anthony Davis, Chamber Opera:Lear on The 2nd Floor with Soprano,Susan Narucki:Photo, Courtesy of The Composer

Anthony Davis: Scenes from the 2013 World Premiere of  Lear on The 2nd Floor,
 A Chamber Opera starring Susan Narucki which I marketed across the country as rep for the composer

Strategic Marketing/Publicity
A World Premiere for The 2018 Bicentennial of Frederick Douglass 
June 3 2018

Targeted strategic marketing, social media publicity and post publicity 
in Performing Arts, Singer and History niches with the support of
Kenneth Morris, Great Great Great Grandson of 
Frederick Douglass

Social media marketing/publicity
Versions 1-3
"History arrives on Sunday....with Frederick Douglass'
"Frederick Douglass, a legacy brought to resounding life in Music"
"History undying.....A Legacy for Our Times....The Life of America's signature defender of Equity and Inclusion, Frederick Douglass"


The Billy Strayhorn Centennial 2015

      University of Pittsburgh 45th annual Jazz Week, November 2015

Association for Recorded Sound Collections Conference, May 2015
The late Geri Allen, host, {far right}.Pittsburgh Jazz Historian, Nelson Harrison and  Billy Srrayhorn niece, Cheryll Chakrabarti

Strayhorn's iconic TAKE THE A TRAIN composed 1939-From Doggett Sound Archive1935 Something To Live For FIRST Strayhorn-Ellington recording collaboration from 19382 important Centennial multi media presentations in Billy Strayhorn's home of Pittsburgh,Pa.

First edition printing:From The Bill Doggett Sound Archive45 JAZZ Presenters,Musicians and Friends Group Photo Nov 13 2015

San Francisco History Days 2018
March 3-4th

A Tribute To Martin Luther King Jr 
On The Occasion of The 50th Anniversary of 
His Death April 4th 2018

San Francisco History Days 2017
March 4-5th
The Old Mint, one of the few pre 1906 SF Earthquake buildings to survive the earthquake and fire

Bill Doggett, "News-eum" Archive Exhibition 
World War 2 San Francisco Newsprint Yellow Journalism and Fake News- A Commemoration Exhibit for  the 75th Anniversary of   Executive Order 9066 re: Japanese Internment after Pearl Harbor
(Videos 1/2)


For 4 years,2015-2019,  Doggett has been a featured Presemter by The Friends of The San Francisco Public Library as a Talk Series for the annual San Francisco Public Library city wide Black History Month Events .

With very competitive speaking/lecture fee rates,you can  book Bill Doggett and inquiry directly by using  the  link  here

May 12, 2016 Indiana University,Bloomington  Opening Day ARSC Conference


An Imitation of Life
An Introduction to The Bill Doggett Performing Arts Archive

Coon Song in Doggett Sound Archive: MOONLIGHT in Jungle Lans1900 Black Composer Bob COLE: Sambo and Dinah Musical Song1870s-80s Black composer, JAMES BLAND's slavery nostalgic song

 The World of Contemporary African American Composers:  Anthony Davis, Alvin Singleton, Olly Wilson, Adolphus Hailstork, Roy Jennings, Tania Leon, Valerie Capers, Joel Thompson,
 T.J. Anderson,Trevor Weston, Dominque Le Gendre, Jonathan Bailey Holland,  Shawn Okpebholo, Jeffrey Mumford, TonyTixier, Renee Baker, Bill Banfield, John Wineglass, Kerwin Young, Billy Childs, Kevin Scott, James Newton,Alicia Hall Moran, Julius Williams,Richard Thompson

Beginning in 2012, Doggett worked with renowned composer, Anthony Davis, gifted emerging Black/Scottish composer, Richard Thompson through 2014 and Harlem's Abbyssinian Baptist Church former Music Director, composer, Roy Jennings during 2015.

Doggett has also provided consultation to new generation composers profiled on his Contemporary Black Composers Resource.

Doggett's Black Composers Resource is unique on the web
This Resource showcasing three dynamic pages with over 75 music samples in  multiple music players titled Black Composers , Black Composers 2 and Commissioning Black Composers was conceived with expertly designed  programming and layout of genres of music, world premiere performances lent by composers.

To book Bill Doggett as Consultant for programming the extraordinary music, composer and curatorial recommendations, please use the Contact Us link 



The Civi l War, Slavery and The 13th Amendment
 A Tribute &Meditation @150 Years 1865-2015

ICAMus, The International Center for American Music presents

Bill Doggett Productions' short documentary educational film that honored  the 150th anniversary Dec 6th 2015 of Congress' ratification of The 13th Amendment that outlawed SLAVERY. 

Emancipation Proclamation:The Journey To Freedom: The Civil War@150 Years


 Emancipation Proclamation: San Francisco and African American Concert Singers: In Paradisum 1880-2000  

Published in The Argonaut , the Journal of The San Francisco Museum and Historical Society

This excellent 16 page  Feature work  filled with rare archival material is available in its digital and hard copy formats     
 Visit my STORE to purchase


 Amazon is perfect for Inrernational orders

Rave Review of  Journal Feature by former San Francisco Opera Chorus member, Ken Malucelli

    " I am continually impressed by the excellent feature articles in The Argonaut, the quarterly published by the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society, but Bill Doggett’s outstanding piece on African American concert and opera artists struck so close to home, I had to comment.

     Being a native San Franciscan growing up in the Excelsior district during the ‘40s-‘50s, I also had the privilege of being one of the first members of the San Francisco Boys Chorus, right off the bat an ethnically diverse group.  In addition, my Italian father and his brothers owned and operated a grocery store in the heart of the then-predominately-black Fillmore district.  And last, I was a Professional Chorister with San Francisco Opera from 1972-1989, and became friendlly with several singers mentioned in Mr. Doggett’s article. 
     The photos of Leontyne Price reminded me of being on stage with her during one of her last performances of Aïda; the photo of Leona Mitchell brought to mind her lovely Micaela (Carmen) and Liù (Turandot), and the mention of Reri Grist reminded me of the photo I have of her and me posing in costume (Manon, 1981) for a magazine article.

     Bill Doggett’s piece should be reprinted in SF Opera’s season programs as well as in other arts magazines and publications.  It is a vital link to the histories, both political and cultural, of African American artists."

Celebrating History
Bill Doggett Productions,As Exhibitions Curator/Archivist was featured for the second year in a row in The 5th Annual San Francisco History Expo- February 28-March 1st 2015 at the historic 1906 Earthquake surviving Old Mint.    
The 2015 Expo celebrated The Centennial of the 1915 San Francisco Pan Pacific International Exposition that announced the rebirth of the city after The Great 1906 Earthquake      View the Slide Show


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