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Early Sound Recordings Archive: Race and Race Consciousness 1900-1935

One of three active African American  members of  The Association For Recorded Sound Collections, a national service organization compromised of the leading institutions, universities and libraries  with notable dedicated Sound and Music Archives such as The Library of Congress, The Smithsonian, Yale, Rutgers, Stanford, UCLA and Manhattan's Rodgers and Hammerstein Archive
Bill Doggett is a historian with a sub specialty in Recorded Sound.

He has built an exceptional archive of early sound recordings made between 1900-1935 all of which focus on the theme of Race and Race Relations.

The recordings are part of a larger academic and historical narrative and body of contextualized multi media presentations Doggett gives that looks at contemporary issues
through the lense of  historic Media.

These recordings are sampled in live demos in his lectures and multi media presentations played on a 1922 Acoustic Senior table top Victrola. ( a suitcase Victrola).

Doggett's Early Sound recordings Archive includes many Edison cylinders from the 1890s which were re licensed as flat disc recordings by Columbia and Victor Records.    Notably,  The Archive includes the only two recordings by the first African American to make a sound recording in 1900, George W Johnson.    

Additionally, the Archive is rich in very dark and controversial material that calls out to be examined and discussed in our current 
highly charged racialized political environment.

Below is a collage of some of the 500+ rare discs in his Archive focused on Race.

Commissioned to create.... The Library of Congress Recorded Sound and Motion Picture Division 2015-2016

Sept 2015 Library of Congress Filming:Packard Theater,Culpepper Campus

Doggett was commissioned  in 2015 by
The Recorded Sound and Motion Picture Division of The Library of Congress to produce a extensive Pilot on the subject of Race and Early Sound. 

Completed in 2016,  in the wake of the Trump election, the rise in  Hate Crime incidents and White supremacy groups have put the projected 2017 Project launch on...... indefinite hold
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