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The Black Oscar/Emmy Dinners 1987-1999

The iconic and historic 
Black Hollywood Celebrity Photography of
  Bill Doggett

From 1987 to 1999,  a 12 year duration, I was honored to be chosen as the specials hired Industry photographer for the annual B.E.T co sponsored  "Tree of Life" Black Oscars and Emmy dinners headquartered at The Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills California.

These specific dinners ended in the early to mid 2000s.

As a historian dedicated to documenting my own work, I had copies of my favorite images printed..... before doing something no other celebrity photographer working in Hollywood would ever consider doing: releasing my negatives to the client.      

It is not known where my negatives are in 2018.  

The Good News: my documentation of my iconic photography in these printed images have survived and will become the subject of an important book later in 2018-2019.

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I have Stories to Tell-- " The Behind The Camera Photographer" - a filmographer documenting a critical era who created now priceless images that celebrated Black film makers and actors

..... From the 1970s "Blaxploitation film era" with Sweet Sweet Sweetback's Director, Melvin Van Peebles Sr  to the dawn of Spike Lee, Denzel Washington and the careers of important actors and directors in the early 1990s through the beginning of Will Smith's film career after "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" and......TV honors from  Diahann Carroll in "Julia" to  Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee to Madge Sinclair of "Trapper John" to "Frank's Place" Tim and Daphne Reid.....and beyond

This sample showcase of many more images are intentionally watermarked.

Discover......"The Art Photography" World of Bill Doggett 
that coexisted with these iconic commercial images by clicking here:  

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