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Strategic marketing, Arts Advocacy and Business Development for Performing Arts
The 2014-15 marketplace in the Performing Arts presents both great opportunity, as well as, great challenge in strategically establishing and sustaining market presence and relevance .
You are gifted with a great mission... as a performer, composer  or Social Entrepreneur focused in Arts Advocacy.

You want very much to create inter generational dialogues utilizing your artistry to make a difference within and across cultures within your community.    

You believe as I do .....that The Arts provide a critical agency of opportunity to do such.... by creating dialogue on a journey .... to transform lives.

You seek to use your Artistry to engage and uplift others in your career journey and seek assistance from someone with a strategic understanding of the challenges and the opportunities ahead

With 25 years experience in consultative inside and outside sales, Arts organization Board of Director, Administration and Artists Relations interface, I offer considerable value added capacity to assist you achieving these goals.
My work as a strategic marketing and brand consultant  includes:
  • Retainer based personalized artistic consultation based on your niche specific market experience and trends in research and community feedback
  • A short term business plan tailored to your market niche
  • Social media, content rich marketing campaigns for project specific events and launches
Ready to start?........ 
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The exquisite simple beauty of POTION 2 composed by John Taylor from Azimuth '85 ECM Records
Performed by The Composer
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