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Bill Doggett is a multifaceted  Performing Arts strategic marketing niche specialist, Artist-Composer Relations publicist,  award winning historical Archivist, Exhibitions Curator, scholarly lecturer, author and painter-photographer.

Doggett's blended skill sets in strategic marketing, Advertising Agency pitch/jingle writing, business development/outside sales, artists relations publicity and free agent talent booking are focused for musicians, composers, authors and Performing Arts institutions.  
He is the nephew and namesake of the renown Philadelphia jazz pianist/organist and arranger, Bill Doggett associated with The Dawn of Rock n Roll instrumental hit Gold Record Honky Tonk Parts 1/2  and other 'sock hop/juke box' hits of the late 1950s.
Additionally, Doggett is a business and social entrepreneur passionate about Arts advocacy for communities of color.

The Arts- in performance and history- provide a critical agency of opportunity to create dialogue on a journey  to transform lives.

Doggett is distinguished  in presenting Performing Arts history assisted by an early sound recording archive and multi media  in an historical contextualization linked to current day topics.
This juxtaposition transforms his topics into  powerful opportunities  for inter generational dialogue within and across communities.

Doggett has 25 years experience  in consultative inside and outside sales, Arts organization Board of Director, Administration and Artists and Composer Relations interface skills allowing him to excel as a hybrid of marketing agent and publicist for composers and musicians of Color.
Beginning in 2012, Doggett worked with renown composer, Anthony Davis and gifted emerging Black/Scottish composer, Richard Thompson. He has also provided consultation to new generation composers profiled on his Contemporary Black Composers Resource blog resource

Doggett  also works in Contemporary Jazz , New Music/Performance Art, Blues and Roots Music that showcase blended genres.   He has worked with/supported blended genre artists with a track record from 2010-2012 associated with booking Talent at Yoshi's San Francisco in their 2011-2012 Local Talent Series and 2012-2013 for the annual San Francisco City Hall Black History Month Celebration
This history is showcased here in Strategic Marketing2

He is passionate about the increasing movement in Los Angeles towards diversity casting which  creates critical mirroring on stage . 

Mirroring on stage the diversity of the community in which an Arts organization exists promotes an embrace of new audiences of diverse races, gender/sexual orientations, inter generational  and cross cultural dialogue that is critical for sustainability of Arts organizations with morphing demographics in 2015-2025
View my showcase of this important subject here:

Mirroring on stage --as well as--diversity in venue personnel  sends a institutional message of commitment to The Future of The Arts and  Creative Place Making.     

 I applaud .....The Los Angeles County Music Center, LA Opera and Disney Hall for embracing this value.  They are at the fore front leading the country as a model for Creative Place Making

Creative Placing Making.... what is it, why is it important to the future of The Performing Arts?

Conversely in the SF Bay Area, I applaud A.C.T. and Carey Perloff for their amazing history of stewardship for diverse casting and challenging their audience to mirror life itself in provocative repertoire. 

Specifically, I still..... so well remember the amazing 1996-2012 productions I attended including,  Robert O Hara's Insurrection:Holding History, the 1950s Southern All Black Cast update of  Moliere's Tartuffe, the mixed race cast productions of Kurt Weill/Berthold Brecht Happy End, Three Penny Opera, August Wilson's Gem in The Ocean, the Fall 2010 showcase of  Tarrell McCraney's Brother/Sister Plays  final play: Marcus and.... the in your face challenges of Bruce Norris' Clybourne Park: a modern take off of Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun  in 2011 and The Scottsboro Boys in 2012 among others. 

A.C.T.[American Conservatory Theater]  has consistently hit the ball out of the park!

About Doggett's recent work in this field view: Strategic Marketing,Classical

As a consultant for Composers and musicians, 
Doggett offers these services

  • Retainer or Base+Commission artistic, marketing  and professional consultation based on your niche specific market experience and trends in research and community feedback.  My work is tailored to specific individual financial means.
  • Repertoire and programming consultation.  I have a deep expertise in programming repertoire that will assist your market appeal with an inter generational flavor
  • A short term business plan tailored to your market niche
  • Sales and promotion-real time, Social media and content rich marketing campaigns for project specific events and launches
  • SummaryI offer artistic consultation, repertoire packaging and management and direct sales branding campaigns to enlarge your audience and market share
Year in Review Mark Swed's Best Classical moments of 2014-
LA Opera Dido&Aeneas: Doggett strategic marketing  project Fall 2014 for client, LA Opera: The 3 Black Countertenors voted "Best Classical Moments 2014"
CountertenorsPhotos@LATimes- D


,August 26th, 2015,Summer 2015, THE ARGONAUT,
The Journal of  The San Francisco Museum and Historical Society Volume 26, No.1

 Emancipation Proclamation: San Francisco and African American Concert Singers: In Paradisum 1880-2000  by Archivist/Historian, by Bill Doggett  Archivist/Historian 

This excellent 16 page  Feature work  filled with rare archival material is available in its digital form for $12.00      Visit my STORE to purchase the digital edition here:


Proud to be an Exhibitions Curator History vendor at this important SF Bay Area event.
I will be showcasing my rare collection of San Francisco WWII Journalism and Headlines

The video below  features my visit with 94 year old  Allied 8th Airforce lead bombardier, Herber Kwart.   Kwart flew the landmark missions on D-Day, Meersberg, Hamburg, Berlin and Dresden.  

His extraordinary recall  and story telling of The D Day Invasion, the first Allied bombing air raids over Germany in 1943 and the critical and tragic destruction of Dresden Feb 13-14, 1945 is breathtaking..

  July 11-15, 2015, Philadelphia PA-
A Visit with MARIAN ANDERSON: The Lady from Philadelphia 
@ The 106th Annual N.A.A.C.P Convention   

Narrated,  unscripted with only a few short notes about her awards and shot in 1 1/2  takes, this  14 minute documentary
 replaces my On Site Live
 NAACP Convention mini lectures for The Marian Anderson Historical Society on the Exhibition Floor .    #HISTORYLIVES.

Celebrating The 2015 Billy Strayhorn Centennial May 30, 2015

In Pittsburgh PA  May 26-31st for the 49th Annual Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) Conference.
BILLY STRAYHORN and BILL DOGGETT have a few things in common: Both were born 4 months apart, were from the neighboring cities in Pennsylvania and both ventured to HARLEM in 1938 as Jazz Pianists and Arrangers. Strayhorn for Duke Ellington, Doggett for Lucky Millinder

2015 is The Billy Strayhorn Centennial.  I proudly present a multi media presentation, Saturday morning May 30 9:20-9:55 am at Pittsburgh Westin Convention Center, Allegheny Ballroom 2 

 Composer Richard Thompson's opera, THE MASK IN THE MIRROR is richly written with hauntingly beautiful music.
Please give generously to his INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN


We Wear The Mask-thematic music from The Opera written as Art Song
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Black History Month 2015-February 11th 7-8:30pm
San Francisco Public Library-Merced Branch 155 Winston Drive
San Francisco, 94132  
Emancipation Proclamation: Race, Image and Sound: African American image in American Popular Culture: From Minstrelsy to Spirituals
May 2014 48th annual Conference:Association for Recorded Sound Collections


2/11/15 Friends of SF Library Multi Media Lecture:part of City Wide events for Black History Month-see program below2/11/15 Friends of SF Library Multi Media Lecture:part of City Wide events for Black History Month-see program below2/11/15 Friends of SF Library Multi Media Lecture:part of City Wide events for Black History Month-see program below

Demonstration of rare 1902 Collins and Harlan Minstrel Team ANNOUNCED American Record: Possum Pie OR The Stuttering CoonSisseretta Jones,

1902 American Record: Possum Pie or The Stuttering Coon:Very rare Cylinder like flat disc with Announcement by Artists of Song Title: part of my Early Sound Archive Document of Coon/Minstrelsy World

78s played=Collins&Harlan-Stuttering Coon, N...&The Possum,Bert Williams-Eve Cost Adam a Bone,1909 Victor Fisk Jubilee Singers 1st Session 78s, andTuskegee Jubilee Singers, Hall Johnson Negro Choir[Green Pastures Spirituals]

City Wide Events program of Friends of San Fran Library:Emancipation Proclamation:Race,Image and Sound

The 50th Anniversary
Malcolm X --  March on Selma--Voting Rights Act--The Watts Riots
February 21st, March 7th, August  5th,  August 11th


The intensity of this time in American history is brilliantly captured in Anthony Davis's work for  theater and the opera stage:
X, The Life and Times of Malcolm X   
   Listen to an extended showcase below on Soundcloud

Celebrating History
Bill Doggett Productions,As Exhibitions Curator/Archivist is featured in The 5th Annual San Francisco History Expo- February 28-March 1st 2015 at the historic 1906 Earthquake surviving Old Mint.    
This year celebrates The Centennial of the 1915 San Francisco Pan Pacific International Exposition that announced the rebirth of the city after The Great 1906 Earthquake      View the Slide Show

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