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Bill Doggett is a multifaceted  Performing Arts strategic marketing niche specialist, Artist-Composer Relations publicist, archivist, exhibitions curator, historian, scholarly lecturer and author.

Doggett's blended skill sets in strategic marketing, Advertising Agency pitch/jingle writing, business development/outside sales, artists relations publicity and independent agent talent booking are focused for musicians, composers, authors and Performing Arts institutions.  
He is the nephew and namesake of the renown Philadelphia jazz pianist/organist and arranger, Bill Doggett associated with The Dawn of Rock n Roll instrumental hit Gold Record Honky Tonk Parts 1/2  and other 'sock hop/juke box' hits of the late 1950s.

Additionally, Doggett is a business and social entrepreneur passionate about Arts advocacy for communities of color.

The Arts- in performance and history- provide a critical agency of opportunity to create dialogue on a journey  to transform lives.

Doggett is distinguished  in presenting Performing Arts history in historical contextualization linked to current day topics which transforms his topic to create powerful opportunities  for inter generational dialogue within and across communities.

Doggett has 25 years experience  in consultative inside and outside sales, Arts organization Board of Director, Administration and Artists and Composer Relations interface skills allowing him to excel as a hybrid of marketing agent and publicist for composers and musicians of Color.
Beginning in 2012, Doggett worked with renown composer, Anthony Davis and gifted emerging Black/Scottish composer, Richard Thompson. He has also provided consultation to new generation composers profiled on his Contemporary Black Composers Resource blog resource

Doggett  also works in Contemporary Jazz , New Music/Performance Art, Blues and Roots Music that showcase blended genres.   He has worked with/supported blended genre artists with a track record from 2010-2012 associated with booking Talent at Yoshi's San Francisco in their 2011-2012 Local Talent Series and 2012-2013 for the annual San Francisco City Hall Black History Month Celebration

He is passionate about the increasing movement in Music towards blended genres which  draw upon and promote intergenerational dialogue.   View the link

As a consultant for Composers and musicians, Doggett offers these services

  • Retainer based artistic and professional consultation based on your niche specific market experience and trends in research and community feedback
  • Repertoire and programming consultation.  I have a deep expertise in programming repertoire that will assist your market appeal with an inter generational flavor
  • A short term business plan tailored to your market niche
  • Sales and promotion-real time, Social media and content rich marketing campaigns for project specific events and launches
  • SummaryI offer artistic consultation, repertoire packaging and management and direct sales branding campaigns to enlarge your audience and market share

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